Ford introduce ‘One World’ policy

Ford Mustang

More than most other car manufacturers, Ford has always had a reputation for producing models that vary greatly from one country to another, even if they share the same name. The American version of the Ford Escort would be unrecognisable to UK drivers, while models such as the Taurus and Puma never crossed the Atlantic.

Recently, in a bid to cut costs, Ford has introduced a ‘One World’ policy which has seen the overall number of models reduced and made them available worldwide. This is the reason the legendary Ford Mustang muscle car will soon be in the UK, that the Ford Focus is the best-selling sub-compact in the US and that the new 2013 Ford Mondeo is virtually identical to an American model known as the Ford Fusion.

One of the most distinctive features of the new Mondeo is its redesigned grill which gives the front of the car a distinctive Aston Martin feel. Other innovations include inflatable rear seat belts, headlamps that turn as you steer the car and an in-car Wi-Fi hotspot that can connect up to five devices.

The new Mondeo will have a range of engine options, including a hybrid-electric variation with a 35 kW lithium-ion battery linked to a 2.0 litre four-cylinder engine. It will be the first European Ford to have such an engine and brings Ford into line with most other major manufacturers who already offer such a variant on similar-sized vehicles.

For those looking for even greater fuel economy, the Mondeo will also be available with a tiny 1.0 litre, three-cylinder EcoBoost engine. This turbocharged power unit is already available in the new Focus and Ford Fiesta but the Mondeo will be the largest vehicle matched with it. According to Brendan Armstrong from Ford Dealership Lancashire Ford, “It’s designed to produce the same power as a larger engine but much more economically”. Ford claims the EcoBoost will make the new Mondeo the most efficient car in its class.

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